Four of Your Favorite Cities

Brooklyn and London: Aug 24, 2013
Los Angeles and Seattle: Sep 15, 2013
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Saturday, August 24th, 2013

photo by Matt Biddulph
East London

Join Field Trip in East London as we explore the most vibrant corner of England's capital. From Shakespeare to Banksy, mighty heels continue to pound these roads. Walk with us as we follow in their footsteps; from its own Little Shop of Horrors, to its canal backstreets, from its street art and live music, to its local bakehouses and flower markets. You'll even get to pet a pig on a farm smack bang in the middle of Hackney.

With a legacy of being both bawdy and progressive, a home to nonconformists and artists, weavers and furniture makers, docks, railways and industry, the neighborhoods of East London are many things at once. William the Conqueror held his court on streets that were later waked by Marlowe and Jack the Ripper. Once the heart of the English suffragette movement, residents fled into underground stations while destruction rained from the skies in WWII. East End London is not a picture of history, it is history being written.

Field Trip Day is an afternoon of local discovery, challenges, unique opportunities, and hidden surprises. Armed with the Field Trip app and your wits, an afternoon's adventure will reveal the neighborhood's secrets from William Blake to bicycle jump courses, from tea to taxidermy.

Field Trip

Field Trip Day will be best enjoyed with the Field Trip app as your virtual tour guide.

Available for Android and iOS.

Useful Information
Wear your walking shoes and allow enough time for transportation!

Circus Space, Coronet Street, London. N1 6HD

3pm, Saturday, August 24th, 2013

London Field Trip Day begins at the old Shoreditch Electric Light Station. This historic building in the heart of Hoxton is now the home to Circus Space – a well established London Circus School. Five minutes walk walk from Old Street tube station and various bus routes and a step away from Hoxton Square on Coronet St, the building began life as an electricity generating station in 1896 – this is where our east London exploration will begin!


Limewharf, Vyner street, Hackney, London, E2 9DJ

After a day of exploration we'll see you in the heart of the East London Art World, LimeWharf on Vyner St at 5:30ish. Expect clowns, a brass band, ice cream, and a drink on us!

This is not a tour. There is no guide. It is discovery, pure & simple.

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