Field Trip FAQ

Q: What types of notifications will I get?

You can subscribe to dozens of feeds. Choose from categories such as “Historic Places and Events,” “Lifestyle,” “Food, Drinks, and Fun,” “Cool and Unique” and more. The list of available feeds is constantly growing. A “new” icon will appear on the subscriptions button when new feeds become available. You may get occasional reminders if new content becomes available in your area.

Q: How many notifications will I get?

The number of notifications you receive varies greatly depending on your location. The default setting is "Feeling lucky", which provides occasional notifications. If you are ready for lots of new information, select the “Explore” mode. If you want to turn off notifications entirely, select “Off” (you can still browse in the app.)

Q: Does Field Trip use more battery power?

Field Trip uses some additional battery power because it’s waking the phone occasionally to look for interesting things nearby. Field Trip uses many techniques to make this efficient, but there is some additional battery usage. Explore mode uses more power than Feeling Lucky mode. No background power is used when the mode is Off.

Q: If I prefer not to receive any notifications, can I still use the app?

Yes. Just choose the Off mode for notifications. You can still open the app and browse for interesting things nearby.

Q: I am not interested in certain types of notifications. Can I disable these?

You can control the kind of information that Field Trip notifies you about by subscribing and unsubscribing from feeds. You can unsubscribe from a feed from the subscription screen or by tapping the publisher icon at the bottom of an information card and toggling the “Subscribed” button.

Q: I really love certain types of notification. Can I get more of these?

Yes. You can adjust notification frequency for each feed. Tap the publisher icon at the bottom of a card that you like. Indicate your preference for that publisher by dragging the frequency slider.

Publisher FAQ

Q. I’m a blogger/publisher, how can I get my site into Field Trip?

A. We’d be happy to consider your feed for inclusion. Send email to: