The Museum of Everything

Atlas Obscura

This new art venue, opened in October 2009, contains the biggest collection of outsider art in London, and maybe the world.

"Outsider Art" is a term used to describe art made outside of the mainstream art world, by individuals who did not receive traditional artistic training. In reality, this often means art made by the clinically insane, hermits, criminals, or obsessive-compulsive individuals.

The Museum of Everything has a fascinating collection and is a peek into the mind of madmen, and next to each artist's works is a commentary by a well-known contemporary artist.

The museum is located in the Primrose Hill area of London, a short walk from the Camden Town markets and Regent's Park

As of 2012, the Museum of Everything is closed and sometimes holds temporary exhibits in other venues, such as its 2011 exhibit in Selfridges.

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