King Oscar's Restaurant, 1959


King Oscar’s Smorgasbord was located at 4312 Aurora Avenue North. This photograph was filed by the "Seattle Post-Intelligencer" on November 22, 1959, but the family looks to be dressed in Easter clothes. This Swedish restaurant had several famous guests, including the crown prince of Denmark and Wendell Wilkie, who all signed the guest book. Bill Jensen was the general proprietor. Not only was the restaurant known for its smorgasbord, but customers loved the Swedish pancakes. The Swedish pancakes were served king’s style, filled with a rich cream sauce, chicken, and mushrooms, all served from a chafing dish at the table - Scandinavian style. Upstairs was a cocktail lounge called the Fjord Room, which featured Scandinavian decoration. A drink called “the Voyager” was served in a bowl for two with little Viking ships floating in it. The restaurant was truly a warm, inviting, Scandinavian mountain chalet with dark wood beams and vibrant red, yellow, and blue colors throughout the restaurant. (Courtesy of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Collection)

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