Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument

Landmark West!

Prominently situated on Riverside Drive at 89th Street, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument was erected in memory of the New York regiments that fought in the Civil War. Designed by Charles and Arthur Stoughton and Paul E.M. Duboy, the monument was built in 1900-1902 after a long series of delays, which involved funding, siting, and design changes. The Soldiers and Sailors Monument is a simple and dignified white marble structure, based on the Hellenistic Monument of Lysicrates in Athens, although built on a much larger scale. Set off above a series of balustraded terraces, it rises to a height of about 100 feet. A colonnade consisting of twelve Corinthian columns, 36 feet high, rises above a high-rusticated marble base. Adapted from the Landmarks Preservation Commission designation report [Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Monument, 1976].

The monument was among the first Landmarks designated on the Upper West Side following the passage of the 1965 Landmarks Law.

Address: 89th Street, Riverside Park  
Architect: Stoughton & Stoughton, Paul E.M. Duboy
Date: 1900-02 
Style: Neo-Classical 
Façade Material: White Marble
Landmark Designation: Scenic Landmark


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